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Neu bei TiK: Wasser- und Staubprüfung für alle IP-Schutzarten

The term “fluid injection technology” (FIT) refers to injection moulding processes that involve the use of an injected medium (GIT works with nitrogen) to displace the still plasticized core of the injection moulded part. Since the 1980s, several techniques have become established, which can be grouped according to the type of melt displacement involved in the process:

  • short shot process
  • full shot or spill over process
  • push back process
  • floating core process (projectile injection technology, PIT)

Gerne erarbeiten wir mit Ihnen, welches das optimale Verfahren für Ihre Anwendung ist.

We will find the best process for your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Audi A8 Reserveradmulde mit GIT-Kanälen

Audi A8 spare wheel well with GAIM channels

Griffe mit GIT

handles using gaim

Vitra Stuhl Vegetal mit GIT

Vitra chair Vegetal using GAIM